My youngest son Christopher is a Star Wars and a Force Unleashed gamer fan. He decided to be Starkiller for his Halloween party this year. We adapted and used a couple of commercial patterns (Simplicity 4942, Butterick B4377).




We made up our own patterns for the armor and cumberbund/belt. He bought a light sabre and used leggings and gloves he already had. This costume took a LOT of fabric and I would not recommend this one if on time/money contstraints. However, we did luck out when we found $1 per yard fabric for the robe and jumpsuit (14 yards total) at Hancock Fabrics. The vinyl was even on sale for a few dollars per yard. This was used for the chest armor, belts, pouch, and knee length gaitors. We worked together on this for about 20 hours. I was so glad to be done with it and Chris was happy to finally see and wear it in its completed phase.